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We offer 3 types of monitoring on our systems:
Monitored Police Response - This is where your alarm is set off with a confirmed activation, meaning two devices are activated within 30 minutes. The alarm then notifies a monitoring station which then contacts the police for police response which by the ACTPO policy confirms a police response.

Self-monitored - This is where you have the Wi-Fi app on your phone and the alarm is set off a notification is sent to you via your phone, notifying you of the alarm activation.

Monitored Key Holders Only - This is where if the alarm is set off without a confirmed activation, the keyholder will be called and notified. This isn’t the only circumstance as you could have your system set without police response, so no matter the confirmation it solely notifies the keyholder.

All of the systems that we provide can be linked through to accredited 24 hour monitoring stations (alarm receiving centre). Please call or email us to discuss this.

We can connect your system using a Redcare or dualcom. This not only dials through using your phone line, but also has a backup SIM card and can dial through any alarm signals through both.

This is an ideal way of giving you the peace of mind that if an activation or fault occurs that your designated key holders and/or emergency services are called. We also offer a key holding service.

In addition, your CCTV system can be connected directly to our alarm receiving centre ,so that if a camera were to be triggered by way of motion, our alarm receiving centre can inform the relevant parties.

This option is ideal and typically used for business parks and building sites. We can also connect your camera system to your router and set it up so you can view your cameras on your mobile phone, tablet or PC on platforms such as iOS and Android.

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